Our Fans


"Best lip care product on the market! I am an outdoor professional and BB is always in my pocket."  Eddie

"I literally was digging in the little part that holds the stick in place to get the last bits of Blizzard Balm out. Haven't found anything quite like it."  Carolyn

"This stuff is awesome!! Goes on smooth and tingly - I will never use that hard ChapStick brand again!"  Jenny

"..it makes my lips feel soft and warm..."  Christie

"I love Blizzard Balm!"Stefanie

"I love it because it's not all waxy when it's cold"  Darren

"It goes on so smooth!"  Krista

"Man, I am lovin this Blizzard Balm!"  Kent

"I love this stuff!  Louis

"My wife loves lip balm, and she says this is the best."  Josh

"I like the fact that it's all natural, that is really important to me."  Hannah

"I love Blizzard Balm Original!"  Kay

"Blizzard Balm is my favorite lip balm!  Jen

"I need more Blizzard Balm! I ran out and I have to have some!!! Thanks!!"  Sarah

"This stuff is great. I use it when I bike up on the mtns and love it."  Will

"Awesome. It feels good on my lips when they are windburned."  Michael

"This is great lip balm!"  Lori

"I have enjoyed this stuff, so have people at my school."  Jackson